About Us


Kites Rise Public School is a co-educational school preparatory day school, founded on 8th July, 2013 to provide on education of standards in the individual spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical development of our students.

Motto: "Add Indian Value"

With the passage of time, India people are adopting the culture, working pattern, lifestyle of other western countries. It is good to change or adopt ourselves with the changing environment but we should not forget our own culture. School is the best medium to aware children about their own culture and its importance. SO, here we the staff of Kites Rise Public School work to educate children regarding their own culture.

Philosophy :- Develop all four Human dimensions - BODY, MIND, HEART & SOUL

Body to Live, Mind to Learn, Heart to Love and, Soul to Leave Legacy.

The vision to educate the next generation and brighten the future of Indian therefore, motivates us to continuous move forward and light the lamp of knowledge. We have been able to build a close-knit positive team of enthusiastic learners of all ages with the help of our very own talented, diverse communities of students and teachers, Ample scope for development of the students is ensured by the positive physical environment of the school.

Some of the uniqueness that can be attributed to us is small batch size (35) per class so that proper and personal attention can be devoted to each student. Teachers are on continuous learning process themselves so that nothing less than the best knowledge can be imparted. This way the teacher can nurture the academic, behavioural and emotional needs of each student.

We understand that not every student is of high caliber. We have made a provision of providing extra care for such students so that they don't feel left behind in the race of excellence.